NETWORKING EVENTS loosen up and have fun while being guided through a beer and cheese tasting and do some business networking while your at it

TEAM BUILDING WORKSHOPS  work together to identify different beer styles and flavours, learn about different cheese types and where they come from and score pairings as a team with a little guidance of course

RECEPTION TABLES have another focus at your event? Allow attendees to have the option to sample Beer & Cheese  at a tasting table personally guided by one of our pairing experts

ROAMING EVENTS are you a Food & Drink establishment looking to bring traffic to your door? Try our one of our ticketed events, complete with a curated pairing session and promotion

CONSULTING SERVICES FOR INDUSTRY looking for a new or improved cheese program for your restaurant or Food & Drink establishment? We can help you create a brilliant artisan cheese board, pair up cheeses with your drink offerings and train your staff how to describe pairings

Photo courtesy of Noelle O’Brien (click image for info)
Photo courtesy of Noelle O’Brien (click image for info)